Casper Cereal

Ok here’s the actual project that I was suppose to do. I didn’t know how to the checker thing so here.

Up Close and Composition

For my photography projects I had to do Close Up(one above) and Composition. The lower picture is rule of thirds. If you were to divide the picture into a grid, the chair who be on one of the lines instead of in the center of the column.

Hex Cereal

Our final project in Graphic Design was to re-create an old cereal box and make it look more 3D than flat. Being rebellious, I decided to create it in my own image because I didn’t see the point in copying the same exact image.

Buisness Logo

This is a business logo.

Tarot Cards

New Project in Graphic Design, had to create tarot cards.

Tarot Mannequin Cards

This is another project in Graphic Design where we have to make playing or tarot cards on Adobe Illustrator…which sucks. This is my sketch and template for my tarot cards that I decided to do…with Pablo!

Tropical Oasis Menu

Last year in our Intro. to Advertising class we had to make a menu. This a is a made-up resturant I created it.

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