The Headache

This is a surrealistic painting of a disiembodied angel. The head resting on the fountain filled with black water represents the pain, sadness, nightmares etc. that a person faces in life.  The symbolism in this represents the body’s urge to break away from the source of the pain unable to bear it any longer. The dry, desert landscape is the bareness of the human mind and the bleeding wings hanging from a the tree, is the urge to be free from all suffering.


3173: Elie

I was inspired by the Holocaust for this picture/painting. In the painting the flower represents sorrow, the little monkey friendship and the light from Heaven, freedom. If you flip the number upside down it looks like Elie which is her name

Goddess of Spring: Flora

In this one I reversed it, instead of being the Goddess of Spring she is the Goddess of Winter. In the paitning she’s getting rid of the last flower of summer or spring.

The Mannequin and The Mannequin

Melancholy of a Rainy Day

Dreams of an Absolution

A Hand To Guide The Way

 Yeah my scanner made the picture rally light so I edited this on photobucket account so people can see it easier

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