The Discumbobulated Muse

This features Pablo in a philosopher setting pondering at whatever, his confusion leads to him falling into pieces and only solving the problem will put him back together.

The Giving Mannequin

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

The three wise monkeys…three wise mannequins

Mixed Emotion Medley

This picture feature’s my drawing mannequin Pablo in a very abstract , pop art background. The panels feature various emotions of Pablo for the viewer to interpet.

My Vintage Collage

I love Vintage collages, I feel they tell a story in a way. This is my own personal vintage collage that I made on paint. It actually tells a story but I haven’t written it yet.

Freeze and Blur

This project was about freezing and bluring actions while in movement, I did freeze and this is a picture of my friend JaKhaila jumping off the breezeway, my friend . My Shannon dancing and my friend Justice doing something, I don’t know.

Quality of Light

This is another project we had to do about the quality of light, there are 3 different kinds of light: side, front and back.

Front Light

Back Light

Side Light

Shallow and Depth of Field

This was a project where we had to do shallow and depth of field, my depth of field came out great, but my shallow depth of field didn’t come out all that great. I wasn’t 3-5 feet away from y subject so it did not come out right.

Depth of Field

Shallow Depth of Field


My failed attempt at typography

The Abandoned

I was looking at abandoned places when these pictures came up, this was Nara Dreamland Amusement Park based of Disneylan but in Japan. It was abandoned in 2006 because of safety hazards