The Headache

This is a surrealistic painting of a disiembodied angel. The head resting on the fountain filled with black water represents the pain, sadness, nightmares etc. that a person faces in life.  The symbolism in this represents the body’s urge to break away from the source of the pain unable to bear it any longer. The dry, desert landscape is the bareness of the human mind and the bleeding wings hanging from a the tree, is the urge to be free from all suffering.


Take me to Hell

The last book of the series, Mee faces her biggest mystery, an abandoned prison believed to be the gate way to Hell is the center of all paranormal activity and its growing restless and expanindg fast engulfing everything in the surrounding area. It needs sacrifices. Its dark history of sacrifices and tormented souls walking the long since rusted and decaying hallways. How will Mee appease the angry Hellmouth and seal it up once and for all? Or will she be its next victim and risk having her soul dragged straight to Hell.

Pinhole Photography

In our Art Foundations class last year we work with pinhole cameras which is simply a box black inside and some photo paper with a pinhole as the lens. This was a picture of my friend Justice

The Eclipse

This is another photogram that I call the Eclipse, its a ring and a paper doily type thing .


This a photogram of my head for those who don’t know its when you have photo paper and an enlarger and it projects that object onto the paper.

Born from the Chaos- The darkness Resist Him

This is a promt from Illustration Friday which had something to do with fire,  this image was based on an idea I had years ago about the world being engulfed in fire and from the chaos a Child of Light was born to restore the balance in the world. The hands were a secondary thing and its the grasps of darkness trying to reach out and destroy the child only to be repelled.  “The darkness resists him” is based on an actual painting called ‘The hands resist him” The two women supporting the fetus represents the womb and the mother.

Album Cover Designs

These are some album covers from this Japanese band called Asian Kung Fu Generation. I looked up their albums and fell in love with these five covers.

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