Random Icons

Imagine the Imagination

I was looking up surrealism and found this interesting picture, I don’t know why, but I like this poster

Gimp Fun

I got bored so I took my friends faces from their various profile pictures and pasted them on abstract backgrounds. Some are good, other could have been better(but it’s 12:42 at night)

The Girl and the Flower (me)

The Girl and the Butterfly (My friend Brit)

The Girl and her Imagination( Justice)

The Clueless Boy


Tarot Cards

New Project in Graphic Design, had to create tarot cards.

A Woman’s Tools

Just a picture of some makeup I planned to draw it but haven’t gone through with it yet

The Mannequin and the Bunny

Just some more miscellaneous artwork with Pablo standing in the rain and because he’s such a kind & caring person, he would rather hold his parasol over an eating bunny and soak in the rain then stand there watching a bunny eat a soggy carrot lol.

Theory Of Murder

This picture is take on why people commit murders. Just so we’re clear Pablo isn’t the murderer he’s just the observer. The police tape represents the crime scene, the blood the victim and  the life lost to senseless violence. The crate upon which Pablo sits upon symbolizes the build up of emotional rage that causes a person to commit a murder. The background was based off  the African Savanna, but it represents both the scene where the body was dumped and the desolate feelings that comes with the murder of a person.

Tarot Mannequin Cards

This is another project in Graphic Design where we have to make playing or tarot cards on Adobe Illustrator…which sucks. This is my sketch and template for my tarot cards that I decided to do…with Pablo!


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