Failed Typography Picture

When we did our typography project this was my first picture I tried to do but gave up after it started to annoy me. I saved it because it looks like it could be on a magazine.

The Mannequin and the Bunny

Just some more miscellaneous artwork with Pablo standing in the rain and because he’s such a kind & caring person, he would rather hold his parasol over an eating bunny and soak in the rain then stand there watching a bunny eat a soggy carrot lol.

Tarot Mannequin Cards

This is another project in Graphic Design where we have to make playing or tarot cards on Adobe Illustrator…which sucks. This is my sketch and template for my tarot cards that I decided to do…with Pablo!


“There’s a Fly on my Bagel!”

I had a dream where my friend Megan was eating a bagel and all of a sudden she yelled out “There’s a fly on my bagel!” So here’s some more miscellaneous art work like The Giving Mannequin.

The Giving Mannequin