My failed attempt at typography

The Princess and the Tiger

This was picture was a project I drew from this story called Cinnamon. It’s about a girl with peral eyes(blind of course) who cannot talk so a tiger promises her parents that he would teach her how tot alk. Here’s a picture of my progress, I will upload the finished work soon.

Lucia Gale

The Study of Melancholy

I was sitting at my desk one day trying to find some inspiration to draw, I was looking (I was suffering from major artist’s block) I noticed the position my drawing mannequin was in so I drew it. This is what I came up with.

Peace of Tranquility

This is another pastel drawing

Jail Time


For one of our projects we had to make comics using classic caommerical ads, the hamburger is the one I pick but for some reason I don’t know what commerical it came from.

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