Casper Cereal

Ok here’s the actual project that I was suppose to do. I didn’t know how to the checker thing so here.

Hex Cereal

Our final project in Graphic Design was to re-create an old cereal box and make it look more 3D than flat. Being rebellious, I decided to create it in my own image because I didn’t see the point in copying the same exact image.

Failed Typography Picture

When we did our typography project this was my first picture I tried to do but gave up after it started to annoy me. I saved it because it looks like it could be on a magazine.

Buisness Logo

This is a business logo.

Random Icons

Gimp Fun

I got bored so I took my friends faces from their various profile pictures and pasted them on abstract backgrounds. Some are good, other could have been better(but it’s 12:42 at night)

The Girl and the Flower (me)

The Girl and the Butterfly (My friend Brit)

The Girl and her Imagination( Justice)

The Clueless Boy

Tarot Cards

New Project in Graphic Design, had to create tarot cards.

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