Google Image Pictures

On Google, depending if it’s your default homepage, you can choose to change the background. These were some pictures that I like and find interesting.

Casper Cereal

Ok here’s the actual project that I was suppose to do. I didn’t know how to the checker thing so here.

Up Close and Composition

For my photography projects I had to do Close Up(one above) and Composition. The lower picture is rule of thirds. If you were to divide the picture into a grid, the chair who be on one of the lines instead of in the center of the column.

More B&W

Hex Cereal

Our final project in Graphic Design was to re-create an old cereal box and make it look more 3D than flat. Being rebellious, I decided to create it in my own image because I didn’t see the point in copying the same exact image.

Failed Typography Picture

When we did our typography project this was my first picture I tried to do but gave up after it started to annoy me. I saved it because it looks like it could be on a magazine.

Buisness Logo

This is a business logo.