My Christmas Wish

Last year inmy Intro. to advertsing class, we made Christmas cards right before the Christmas break. Again excuse the mispelled words.

Up close Photography

This is a pic I saw on my yahoo page, these little beautys are actual cancer cells about to reproduce. I know how can something cute be so deadly, right?

Collateral Damage

Inmy Intro to Advertsing class last year wwe had to make CD covers or game covers. And I made a CD cover instead. Excuse the mispelled words

The Melancholy of The Thinker

This image is really a modern representation of a family going through a time of depression, its pop art but with a twist. Instead of a modern day couple I used the Thinker and a statue of a woman. The Thinker or man is going through a hard time while his wife or the statue tries to soothe him with food and drink.

Another Still Life

The Lonely Window

Here is my inspiration and the original image


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