The Depressive Mind: The Final Hour

This picture has a lot of emotional meaning. It shows the struggle of a person (Pablo) suffering from chronic depression and is contemplating suicide. The reflection in the mirror reflects what Pablo’s intentions are which is to hang himself. The reason why Pablo doesn’t have any arms is because he doesn’t want to take his life though he wants too. The crate he’s sitting on is his memories and what he’s leaving behind. The lightning in the background is the hour when Pablo makes up his mind.

The Lineup

This is just some random art that I did. I had to take it with my camera because my scanner, again, is not working. The read mannequin is partially cut off so I aplogize.

The Grapes of Wrath

This, obviously, has nothing to do with the book. I took the title and used it in a comical but also poetic situtation. The Grapes represent evil and are a symbol of eveil. Pablo is telling the viwer(s) to beware the wrath of the grapes meaning beware the wrath of evil and anything that is evil. For those who are wondering, I don’t think grapes are evil.

The Loneliness of the King

Sidenote: the rabbit is a reoccuring character in the series. This picture depicts Pablo as a king whose had his castle destroyed and burned and has nothing left. Though the rabbit is trying to comfort him, Pablo feel as if he’s alone yet he still holds onto his title as king.

The Fear of Invasion is Close

This picture is a tribute to the Fatal Frame Series. This one is based on Fatal Frame: The Tormented. I likeed this game out of all four of them because it has a strong allegorical meaning behind it. I’m not going to sit here and explain the whole plotline of the game but the lesson its teaching everyone is to not let your pain get in the way of your life. When someone dies, don’t let their death hold you back, move on with your life and hold onto their memory. Pablo represents Rei, who is the main character in the 3rd game, and the figure in the back represents Broken Neck. She was a ghost from the first game whose neck was bent backwards after she commited suicide by jumping off a building. She wasn’t my favorite ghost but the majority of people liked her so I used her instead. The blue background is the color scheme for the overall game. The second game was red, the fourth one was yellow but the first one didn’t have one. The theme of the game was the “fear of invasion” which is why I put the ghost mannequin behind him. In the game, if a character regrets living and constantly dreams of the person that died, the dead would be able to enter through the person’s dreams because it opens up a portal. That is why the use the fear of invasion.

Underwater Mermaid Statue

I thought this was a really cool picture someone took. I plan to recreate this when I’m done with my Mannequin Series.

On the Series

I want to stop and talk about The Mannequin Series for a bit. The whole point of the series is to 1: put Pablo the Mannequin in unusual settings and interacting with different characters (such as the rabbit) or put him in scenes where he acting in a philosophical manner and approaching certain topics that ask(s) the viewer(s) what the whole point of the picture is. What is it conveying and how it makes them feel. There are no wrong answers adn it doesn’t have to be the same as the artists concept. Pablo lives in a different galaxy on a different earth-like world. The world is primarily a bare, desert-like landscape with unusual features. For instance, the ground is orange, the sky is red in the daytime, water is purple, fireflies are red etc. I used very bold colors like red, orange, dark blue etc. to make the picture pop, but, the main idea is to make Pablo pop out of the pictures that’s why I’ll either outline him in a bold black marker or leave him white while the rest of the background is in color.

Somtimes, both Pablo and the background pop out together. My main idea is to put Pablo into a specific setting that has him thinking about the situation such as Contemplating the Universe, Theory of Murder and Anatomy of a Broken Heart. How was the universe made? Why do people kill each other? What does a broken heart look like? How does it make you feel? These are questions that the pictures are asking.  I originally started this whole series out of boredem but I was also influenced my Metaphysical artwork. Not all the pictures are based on this same. Some are random, others have a significant meaning. However the viewer sees it is up to them. As I said before there are no wrong answers, just ideas.

A Patient Death

Ok I know this picture is kind of demented but hey it’s art. How I originally got the idea to draw this was by watching “1000 Way to Die”. It was a story about a Nazi soldier who was shot point blank in the head but the bullet never hit the brain. Years later, the soldier moved to America. He was in the kitchen and bumped his head while looking in the fridge causing the bullet to move and hit an important vein I believe. The narrator said “even Death can be patient” and I loved that line so I incorporated it into my artwork.

The red cloak Pablo is wearing represents the illness that is slowly killing him. The rabbit (from the last picture) represents a person’s (Pablo in this case) last moments with a friend. The smoke symbolizes that Death is near and his time is almost up. Death lingering in the bac ground is waiting for the illness to completely consume Pablo before he takes his life. By looking at Death, he is “patiently” waiting in the shadows.

Contemplating the Universe

This scene has a down to size scale of the solar system within Pablo’s galaxy. The reason it’s called Contemplating the Universe is because Pablo is questioning the existance of the universe and how it eveolved. Pretty much how we’re doing about the universe today. People say Big Bang other’s believe and a higher power (as to not offend others beliefs) but that’s what the whole picture is about.


This is a peaceful scene with Pablo on a hillside by the sea at night watching red fireflies. I apologize for the quality. I tried to hold the camera still but it kept shaking.

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