My self portrait

This is a successful self portrait of myself.

Gentle Dawn

This is a project I did in my Art Acacdemy where I took an object or thing (for me moon) and had to incorporate different elements that go along with the moon-sky, stars etc.- into one picture. In my picture I have a lady that represents the Goddess of the Moon changing night into day. The light blue represents day, dark blue night, the purple, sunrise and pinkish red, sunset. In the top left I have a fetus sleeping inside a moon like object which represents the womb and the 12 Zodiac signs encircling the womb like a clock. It represents the time of the child’s birth and its possible Zodiac sign. In the top right is a half moon which I really don’t know waht ir represents, I just drew it out of randomness.

What Influences me?

As an artist you have to have influences that give you ideas to draw, create and make art . Here are a few of mine



The rain

Japanese Culture

Nature (mainly Autumn)

Other art work

And abandoned acrhitecture or ruins

And poetry and shorts stories