About Me

This Blog is dedicated to my artwork and poetry and to open the eye of those who think art in general is a useless talent and skill. Well one thing…YOUR ARE WRONG!!! Art is not about drawing or making lines on a piece of paper to create an image, it is about creating a masterpiece, bringing it to life and making it pop, giving it life. I love art and I want to open the doors of art and show the wonders of different types of artwork. When anime first came out in the US, I wanted to draw just like that so I bought a How to Draw Manga book and with a lot of hard work, practice and of course time I was able to advance my drawing skills. The reason why I’m so proud of myself is because up until my freshmen year in high school I had never had an art teacher. I taught myself how to draw just by looking at different art forms and different art movements. Soon I grew out of the anime phase and into realism.

                    I must admit, it was a hard road ahead but I never quit until I reached perfection. My various art styles consist of: Still Life, Portraits, Surrealism, etc.  Trying different art styles, I realized it made me an even better artist. I also realized that if you just stick to one type of art style you don’t grow as an artist and neither does your art. If you have a specific category that you like to dabble in then hey, I’m not one to judge all art is great and people have different interpretations of a specific style. I love looking at different artists’ works, it gives me ideas that I can incorporate into a new painting, picture or poem. Remember as an artist your techniques and your styles will continue to grow as long as you continue to expand your horizons and try new things. Don’t be afraid to look at other artwork to get inspiration, inspiration is everywhere. You just need to find it 🙂

Like art poetry is also my life, I’ve been writing poetry longer than I have been doing art. I love writing short stories (if I wasn’t so A.D.D) and attempting novels of my own. I get my inspiration for poetry from lyrics, quotes, other poetry and even artwork. I love art and writing equally, they sort of balance out each other by giving me ideas for the other. So feel free to check out my poems.

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