New York Brochure

Last year we took an Intro. to Advertsing and we had to make a travel brochure. So people wouldn’t fight over cities, we had to draw them from a hat and I, to my disappointment, got New York, but I did make a great brochure




My failed attempt at typography

Cristina Kahlo

This is a picture of Frida Kahlo’s sister, I thought this portrait was pretty of her but I decided to make her look prettier by makin some adjustments. So below is the orginal potrait and below the original is my recreation

Billie The Mannequin

So we have this mannequin at our Art Academy and we named her Billie. Well I took a picture of her with one of her interchangable wigs. A long blond curly wig. I used the Sepia Tone effect on my camera. After staring at the picture because it was at a really good angle, I decided to draw a almost realistic picture of her. Below here’s a picture of the actual mannequin and the drawing I drew

My Friend and I

This a portrait of me and my friend Justice. Kinda messed up in this one by making my face reaqlly puffy.

My self portrait

This is a successful self portrait of myself.