Knightmare Series

I am starting my own comic series called Knightmare .    It is a story about this girl (name undecided at this time) who is a paranormal investigator, she flies to South Korea in order to investigate a haunting of an infamous mansion built in the 1980’s. There she gets trapped in the house and has to solve the the mystery around the trapped ghosts bent on killing anyone who dares enter; inside she finds a gun known as a Ghost Gun (or Demon Gun) this has the power to “kill” ghosts, demons, manifestations and powerful entities. As she loses hope a ghost child known as Red gives her the choice to escape the mansion or be stuck in there for eternitty being chased by the ghosts. She recieves powers that enhance her performance, but can she confron the pain that plagues her heart? Find out when the first story is published!!!!

Lucia Gale

The Study of Melancholy

I was sitting at my desk one day trying to find some inspiration to draw, I was looking (I was suffering from major artist’s block) I noticed the position my drawing mannequin was in so I drew it. This is what I came up with.

Peace of Tranquility

This is another pastel drawing

Jail Time


For one of our projects we had to make comics using classic caommerical ads, the hamburger is the one I pick but for some reason I don’t know what commerical it came from.

The Gate to Paradiso

I got an art kit like two years ago at Christmas, one thing I never really liked or worked with was pastels. Instead of letting them go to waste I decided to at least try to work with them and it actually turned out great.

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