Kage~Shape of Faces

This is a video I made using my portraits I drew, the name of this song is called “Kage~Shape of Shadow” by Rio Asaba but I changed shadow to faces

Billie The Mannequin

So we have this mannequin at our Art Academy and we named her Billie. Well I took a picture of her with one of her interchangable wigs. A long blond curly wig. I used the Sepia Tone effect on my camera. After staring at the picture because it was at a really good angle, I decided to draw a almost realistic picture of her. Below here’s a picture of the actual mannequin and the drawing I drew


So these are some of the  portraits I drew my freshmen year over the span of a semester

The Alabamian Girl

The Californian Girl

Tais Toi (Be quiet)

The Lovely Princess

The Native American

The Kind Lady

The Lovely Geisha



Silent Lullaby

The Tears that Hurt So Much

Flower Child



In Deep Thought

Nubian Princess


Good Luck!!!

The Tom Boy

Lady Nun