The Fear of Invasion is Close

This picture is a tribute to the Fatal Frame Series. This one is based on Fatal Frame: The Tormented. I likeed this game out of all four of them because it has a strong allegorical meaning behind it. I’m not going to sit here and explain the whole plotline of the game but the lesson its teaching everyone is to not let your pain get in the way of your life. When someone dies, don’t let their death hold you back, move on with your life and hold onto their memory. Pablo represents Rei, who is the main character in the 3rd game, and the figure in the back represents Broken Neck. She was a ghost from the first game whose neck was bent backwards after she commited suicide by jumping off a building. She wasn’t my favorite ghost but the majority of people liked her so I used her instead. The blue background is the color scheme for the overall game. The second game was red, the fourth one was yellow but the first one didn’t have one. The theme of the game was the “fear of invasion” which is why I put the ghost mannequin behind him. In the game, if a character regrets living and constantly dreams of the person that died, the dead would be able to enter through the person’s dreams because it opens up a portal. That is why the use the fear of invasion.

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