On the Series

I want to stop and talk about The Mannequin Series for a bit. The whole point of the series is to 1: put Pablo the Mannequin in unusual settings and interacting with different characters (such as the rabbit) or put him in scenes where he acting in a philosophical manner and approaching certain topics that ask(s) the viewer(s) what the whole point of the picture is. What is it conveying and how it makes them feel. There are no wrong answers adn it doesn’t have to be the same as the artists concept. Pablo lives in a different galaxy on a different earth-like world. The world is primarily a bare, desert-like landscape with unusual features. For instance, the ground is orange, the sky is red in the daytime, water is purple, fireflies are red etc. I used very bold colors like red, orange, dark blue etc. to make the picture pop, but, the main idea is to make Pablo pop out of the pictures that’s why I’ll either outline him in a bold black marker or leave him white while the rest of the background is in color.

Somtimes, both Pablo and the background pop out together. My main idea is to put Pablo into a specific setting that has him thinking about the situation such as Contemplating the Universe, Theory of Murder and Anatomy of a Broken Heart. How was the universe made? Why do people kill each other? What does a broken heart look like? How does it make you feel? These are questions that the pictures are asking.  I originally started this whole series out of boredem but I was also influenced my Metaphysical artwork. Not all the pictures are based on this same. Some are random, others have a significant meaning. However the viewer sees it is up to them. As I said before there are no wrong answers, just ideas.


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