A Patient Death

Ok I know this picture is kind of demented but hey it’s art. How I originally got the idea to draw this was by watching “1000 Way to Die”. It was a story about a Nazi soldier who was shot point blank in the head but the bullet never hit the brain. Years later, the soldier moved to America. He was in the kitchen and bumped his head while looking in the fridge causing the bullet to move and hit an important vein I believe. The narrator said “even Death can be patient” and I loved that line so I incorporated it into my artwork.

The red cloak Pablo is wearing represents the illness that is slowly killing him. The rabbit (from the last picture) represents a person’s (Pablo in this case) last moments with a friend. The smoke symbolizes that Death is near and his time is almost up. Death lingering in the bac ground is waiting for the illness to completely consume Pablo before he takes his life. By looking at Death, he is “patiently” waiting in the shadows.

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