Notes from the Kitchen God

Amidst the flames and clattering of pots and pans
The wonderful aroma of the food casting a dream-like haze
On all who smell it
Is my life’s story

What started out as a hobby
Is now a profession
The knife tapping on the cutting board
As freshly picked vegetables are being sliced and diced
The boiling water…

And the splashing of ingredients tossed in a pot
A musical harmony composed of everyday sounds
That fills the kitchen
But it was never a hobby…
No it was more than that

It was my life since the beginning
And it will be until my end
I only hope that my pupils have learned
All that I have taught them
Sitting upon a crate of tomatoes

Lazily resting my head in my hand
I no longer see pupils but…..
My own children, family
They rush here and there
Like little tykes running about the playground

Keeping at a moderate pace
Calling out orders
And delicately preparing meals as if they were a piece of artwork
Like and artist to his canvas
And a sculptor to his clay

They are chefs to their work
A smile for a job well done

If cleaning up were as simple as making the mess,
Then life would be a whole lot easier
Dishes washed and put away for another day
And goodbyes for tonight
Make way for good mornings for tomorrow

I guess…
That even after I’m gone
The harmony and rhythm
Will never change this kitchen
I guess…you can truly be a Kitchen God of your own.


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