Jennifer Mee is a paranormal investigator from Japan, when she hears about the mysterious deaths surrounding  the supposedly haunted room; she decides to take a trip to the U.S in order to solve this mystery once and for all. There she enters the town of Oak Grove and old town founded by Puritins but built on old supersticious and legends. People are unwilling to speak about Room 207 and the mysteries surrounding it until she meets a strange girl by the name Elise who is seen wandering around the old hallway leading to room 207. Does she have something to do with the room and deaths? Or is she a spirit trying to warn Jennifer to stay away and keep from uncovering its dark history??

(The background used is an image of Alessa’s ,from Silent Hill, hospital room after she was burnt. The girl on the left is her appiriton and the girl on the right is Miku Hinasaki from the Fatal Frame series)


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