Scarlett’s Revenge

In our Graphic Design class we had to make  PULP covers, PULP comics were kind of the intro to modern day comics before they were printed on better quality of paper. For a project we had to make two PULP covers and here’s one called Scarlett’s Revenge. I used Heather Mason and Jame Sutherland from the Silent Hill series and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. The doll-spider looking creature is the actual boss from Silent Hill name Scarlett and the girl in the kimono is actually Yae Munakata from Fatal Frame who is “Scarlett”.

Deep in the woods rests and old abandoned house with a history of gruesome deaths and unexplained phenomenas. Lying dormant inside the house is the vengeful spirit of Scarlet, a girl brutally murdered in a ritual to keep the demons from Hell at bay. Now she’s morphed into a demonic creature bent on killing off everyone who tortured her. Cheryl is a small town girl with an amazing ability to see and talk with spirits, one night she keeps having horrorifc nightmares that draw her to the old mansion. While Luke is a recovering alcoholic and a widower who bumps into Cheryl and agrees to help her end her hellish nightmares. And lastly, Rayne a secret government commander working for the BPA  or Bereau of Paranormal Activity to seal up the portal before anyone gets their hands on it. Little do they know in order to get to the portal, they’ll have to get through and she’s NOT backing down!

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