Vanity of Narcissism/Punishment of Narcissism

This guy last year when I was a freshmen, asked me to help him with an art project. He had to take a Van Gogh picture and recreate it in his image; well the jerk told me he didn’t want it anymore after I worked had hard on it. But, instead of throwing it away I kept it because I did like it. The picture revolves around Narcissus, an ancient Greek myth about a guy who was so beautiful and in love with himself that one day he stared at his reflection and couldn’t look away. In the end he wasted away. Several versions say a Nymph, who was in love with Narcissus but was rejected by him, created the Narcissus flower where he died. In this picture it shows the bad side of Narcissism and the punishment for vanity.

Vanity of Narcissism

Punishment of Narcissism


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